What We Do?


Ethical HR Consultants provides sophisticated services of recruitment through which the right candidate gets hired in the industry to get the right talent fit in the company. We work on all the domains and verticals from IT and Non IT verticals, to cater our customers’ requirements. Our RPO solutions are tailored to help our clients align their recruitment processes.

Training & Development

EHRC is a unique firm engaged in conducting high impact exemplary training programmes. The course contents are customised to suit the clients’ needs. We assess the implementation in the post training phase. This ensures Return On Investment (ROI) on the Training Programme conducted. All employees need some type of training and development on an ongoing basis to maintain effective performance, or to adjust to new ways or work, and to remain motivated and engaged. There are cited benefits to integrating training and development into organizations.

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Compliance Process

Regardless of industry, the compliance function is responsible for ensuring that the company’s policies and procedures are designed to comply with internal policies, applicable laws and regulations, and ensuring that those policies and procedures are followed. There’s a lot more that goes into compliance management of course, but that’s the essence. By leveraging workflow automation, Ethical HR Consultants can not only lower the risk of non-compliant behavior but optimize the expected return on an organization’s compliance strategy, planning and training investment.

Managed Services

Our strategies primarily focus on building a client organization that has advantage over their competitors in attracting, developing, motivating and retaining competent professionals.

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