About Us

Ethical HR Consultants is a  HR Consulting firm, with a diversified interest in Total Talent Management Solutions and Allied HR Services.
EHRC is headed by a qualified HR Professional.
Ethical HR Consultants is founded on the principles of “Quality Service Delivery, Business Ethics & Social Responsibility. 
We render specialized & innovative professional services with agility & reliability. We offer a broad range of services to meet the need of our clients by promoting an environment that encourages personal & professional growth & a passion for the firm’s core values.

We have come a long way after having consolidated our expertise, scale, and technology; we are evolving into India’s preferred choice.

Our Vision

Future Focus

How we do ?

◉ Our “skilled recruiters” will obtain new talent and can manage your candidate channel for any role within your firm.

0◉ Our team of “veteran recruiters” provides expert sourcing, curated opportunities and tailored attention.
◉ Our team is skilled to source the appropriate candidates as their experience is from the same industry.
◉ Our unique networking approach” allows us to foster genuine relationship with top performers and drive untouched talent.

Innovative use of technology

With technological advancement, our firm can work on its inward cycles, core competencies, pertinent business sectors and organizational structure as a whole. This will lead to greater productivity and effectiveness of the Human Resources.

Strong leaders

We are outfitted with a strong team of leaders helps in shaping the workplace to build an engagement in the workforce. In addition, HR connects managers with coaching, training, and valuable feedback that equips them to lead their teams and support their people.

Top Mentors

Our firm has experienced professionals who can guide and advise you. They will share their skills, expertise and contacts, provide constructive feedback and help resolve difficult issues.

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